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Accessible Aquarium Project

Carrie Bruce, Research Scientist and Co-Principal Investigator on the Georgia Tech Accessible Aquarium Project, has recently completed the first phase of data collection at the Georgia Aquarium on the interpretive practices (the information narrators provide about exhibits) of human narrators at live exhibits. Over 25 audio and video recording sets were made of narrators providing their daily presentations at the Beluga and Ocean Voyager exhibits. Each set for the 11 narrators has resulted in verbal transcripts of their presentation and visitor questions, coding of narrator gestures that accompany verbal descriptions, and footage of animal behaviors and movement associated with the presentation.

Image of an aquarium where the fish are being labeled and tracked with dotted lines.

Additionally, all 11 narrators were interviewed about their interpretive practices at these exhibits to understand how they prepare to talk to visitors and the common strategies they use during presentation to meet visitor information needs. These results are being used to inform the ongoing design and evaluation of a system that generates and delivers real-time audio interpretation of dynamic exhibits using music and narration.

The Accessible Aquarium Project is a collaborative effort between the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Center for Music Technology, School of Interactive Computing, and School of Psychology. This work is currently supported through Grant 0905516 of the National Science Foundation.


For more information about the Accessible Aquarium Project contact Carrie Bruce at carrie.bruce@coa.gatech.edu .