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SciTrain U Continues to Expand Resources

Scitrain U is continuing to expand with hands-on tools for teaching. Algebra Tiles is the lastest addition to the Scitrain U curriculum. Algebra Tiles is a learning tool used to help students of all abilities learn algebra with ease. Algebra Tiles:

  • Are used to help students learn algebraic concepts traditionally taught with symbols
  • Allow them to physically change the values of the tiles for those with weak symbolic/number understanding
  • Provide geometric interpretation of symbol manipulation
  • Support cooperative learning
  • Encourage discussion about concepts by giving students physical objects to think and converse about
  • Can be used to model equations involving integers

Below is an example of the an equation using algebra tiles. (x - 2)(x - 3) = x² - 5x + 6 Graphic demonstration of the equation (x-2)(x-3) using rectangles and squares and being placed in a table format.

Algebra Tiles can be bought from various retailers or made at home from simple everyday items. Visit the Scitrain U website for more information about how to create and use algebra tiles.


For more information contact Summer Ienuso at ccn@coa.gatech.edu .