Enabling Environment Lab Research Projects:

Home environments

Wheelchair with Drop-Down Armrest for Sliding Transfers

Principal Investigator: Jon Sanford

Work Environments

Successful aging in the workplace (at the Work RERC site)

Remote workplace assessment (at the Work RERC site)

Principal Investigator: Jon Sanford

Universal Design in the Workplace (at the Work RERC site)

Principal Investigator: Abir Mullick

Community environments

Effects of Mobility Device and Environmental Facilitators on Activity and Participation (undertaken with the Mobility RERC site)

Project Directors: Frances Harris, PhD; Jon Sanford, M.Arch

Community Barriers to Outdoor Wheeled Mobility

Principal Investigator: Jon Sanford; Co-Investigators: Fran Harris, Marie Latta.

Accessible Aquarium Project

Principal Investigator: Bruce Walker, Sonification Lab, Psych/GVU CATEA

Co-Principal Investigator: Carrie Bruce

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