Smart Bathroom Laboratory

The bathroom is an integral part of people’s everyday life, enabling individuals to carry out basic activities of daily living and helping to maintain their well-being. However, as people grow older, the design of the bathroom environment can exert increasing demands due to normal age-related changes an individual’s physical, sensory and/or cognitive abilities, resulting in a range of difficulties with these basic tasks.

Smart bathroom rendering

We are currently building the Smart Bathroom which is located in the Aware home. It is made of four “smart” components to assist with future bathroom testing: the floor, the toilet, the wall, and the tub.

  • The floor will be made of 8” tiles with load cells below the surface, to measure weight and location of the test subject.
  • The toilet will be able to move electrically and manually up and down according to the subject’s physical need. The toilet can move left and right to allow space caretakers and assistive technology.
  • The wall is made of holes in which different type of grab bars can then be placed into, at any orientation using a combination of pins and on-off magnets.
  • The bathtub can be raised into the ceiling when a walk-in environment is needed or if a new tub design needs to be tested in the space. The tub is used as a standard tub for general testing.

Smart bathroom handle rendering