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Guidelines: Accessible
 Distance Education

Guidelines: Accessible Video Applications

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The "Must Items" are critical to basic access for people with disabilities.

  1. Provide text-equivalents for all video that contains speech or music with lyrics.Providing text-equivalents in the form of separate transcripts that can be opened in a text editor such as Word or notepad allows those using assistive technologies such as screen-readers or Braille machines to be able to understand any speech or sound that occurs in the video. The transcript should contain everything that is spoken in the video. If need be, provide a way to skip within the document to a specific point.

  2. Provide synchronized subtitles for all video that contains speech or music with lyrics.For those users who have trouble hearing the audio from the video, provide synchronized captions at the bottom of the video that match to the sound in the video file. Captioning can be accomplished by using a program called MAGpie. To learn how to use MAGpie, please view the following site: Make sure that captions include ALL audio that occurs in the video document, including sounds such as barking, screaming, footsteps, etc.

  3. Provide a warning at the beginning of the video if the video flickers or blinks at any time.Flickering or blinking in a video could cause those suffering from epilepsy to go into seizures. To avoid this issue all together, edit out any blinking or flickering that occurs in the video using Adobe Premiere, iMovie, or any other movie-editing program. If this is not possible, add to the disclaimer that contains the primary language a warning about the flickering and the potential damage for those suffering from epilepsy.

  4. Allow viewers to pause the video.Viewers may need to pause the video for various needs, so it is important that the video has a function that allows it to be paused. Most video players, including Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and RealPlayer, all have the pause capability. Make sure that the video file can be played in one or all of these three media players.

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