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(Course Logo: Adult walking with cane and holding a child's hand)Designing for the Life Span Segment 3

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Observe the differentiation between the "figures" and "grounds" below... contrast and recognition of easily perceived colors contribute to legibility.

The text "color is good for you" with varying foreground and background colors.

Narration of Slide 19

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To read text in blue light against a dark background means that the eye must shift imperceptibly to capture the blue photo-pigmentation dispersed on the retina. One consequence of this constant shifting is faster eye fatigue reading large quantities of blue text.

Frequently, graphic information is intended to dazzle the eye aesthetically without consideration of the consequence that the message cannot be seen and perceived accurately. In this slide, several examples are given with alterations in the color of figure and ground. Contrast is important in order to see and perceive the message - especially where time to respond is of the essence. Some of the color combinations may seem to pulsate while others establish a comfortable adaptation for legibility. At the top of the slide, the orange on gray and white on gray provide the most legible combination of figure and ground of those illustrated.

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