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(Course Logo: Adult walking with cane and holding a child's hand)Designing for the Life Span Segment 3

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Subtle changes in surface can present dangerous obstacles. Unseen, the shifts in surface to the left- especially when unperceived by the aging eye- can be hazardous. The seemingly more obvious surface change to the right is still close enough in distance that it might flatten out visually and present an unseen hazard.

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Level changes of a few inches can blend to invisibility in high light conditions and become dangerous. Such level changes require marking in a highly visible manner. The shift in level in the slide to the right should be marked at the edge of the higher level of walkway. There are tapes and other surface applications that will provide the appropriate marking and signaling to the individual deciding to move from one surface to another.

The photo on the left shows stone progressing to brick. It is questionable whether this is an adequate means of signaling surface change. Aesthetic solutions to problems must be seen in the light of their functional communication potential. Additionally, in high lighted situations, and the flattening of levels in glare, this surface change may be perceived as a level change.

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