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Control and Display Panels found among consumer appliances present numerous challenges- and opportunities- to the product designer to realize and consider Human Centered Design. In the black and white photos below, there is too great a problem with specular glare from the turn knobs and off the surface of the back splash. Notice how the graphic pictogram indicating the orientation of the burners to the controls disappears behind the glare of the control knobs.

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Illumination and glare, visibility and legibility are most significant in the area of appliance and product control and display. Central to performance in the home - and the ability to maintain activities of daily living for older adults - is food storage, preparation and kitchen maintenance.

Above is the control and display configuration for a range and oven combination that has been utilized for many years. Controls have no direct relationship to the position of burners. Note the specular glare that is exacerbated by the use of the empathic lens. Also note the way the graphic cues fade away or become obscured by the reflective glare of overhead illumination.

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