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Microwave ovens have had an interesting history since they were introduced into the marketplace of consumer products during the mid-1960s. From the onset, they wee popular with older consumers who made up 25% of those who purchased the product...

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The microwave oven achieved a high level of acceptance among the older adult population virtually at the onset of its introduction into the marketplace in the early 1960s. The microwave does match the lifestyle of the older adult - who find that eating becomes more episodic with smaller quantities of food. Prepared meals that are "designed" for the microwave are highly desired - in spite of the difficulty experienced in opening them, reading instructions and understanding the menu information of the microwave itself.

In the comparison photos in this slide, the figure ground relationship of the menu guide is inappropriate - black text on a silver/white surface, with text that is too small. Some effort to rectify this situation has been made in updated technologies to create specific settings marked for the type of food to be heated or cooked.

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