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Tools, Containers and Changes in Strength

The ability - or inability - to grasp objects and the actuate control devices is obviously dependent upon strength in the hand. "Palmar" strength and tip "prehension" strength are critical. Younger adults may be able to grasp and clench with the fist at 95 pounds of force and 30 pounds between the thumb and forefinger. Older adults with arthritis may see these capacities reduce to 5 and 0.

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Two important aspects of hand strength are the ability to grasp with the whole hand and the ability to grasp and hold with the finger tips - especially the "tip prehension" available in the grip of the thumb and forefinger.

In youth, the strength in the hand may be close to 100 pounds of force and 30 pounds in tip prehension. These capabilities reduce with age and with the onset of arthritis and may be the force may be insignificant in strength.

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