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(Course Logo: Adult walking with cane and holding a child's hand)Designing for the Life Span Segment 3

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Tools, Containers and Changes in Strength

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The grasp between the forefinger and thumb is a significant factor in any older adult's ability to operate the several appliances that are a common part of the kitchen and laundry. The ability to make fine motor movements and position controls precisely is a hand/eye capability that can be taken for granted.

To the right, the whistle of this teapot has been removed and is not in use because removing it when the water has boiled is dangerous - a major design oversight and flaw in the product design.

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Grasping and turning control knobs, even where strength may not seem to be the issue, still requires a dexterity to position the control properly for the desired machine response (in this case the appropriate heat).

The teapot shown has had its "whistle" removed because it is too difficult to extract - especially when the water is boiling and steam is spewing from the spout.

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