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Making Selections Among Packaged Products.

Older consumers may be faced with difficulties related to some or all of the following when making packaged product selections:

Every major supermarket chain has over 1000 products on their shelves. Making certain that products contain the appropriate ingredients or components is only part of the problem. For many elderly consumers there will also be issues of access...opening containers, removing protective wrapping and reading labels are just a few of the accessibility issues.

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Older adults are faced with significant problems in the selection of packaged products... opening the wrapping of product and food packaging.

Protecting the consumer against vandalism and those who would adulterate packaged products has resultedin sealing and shrink-wrapping packaging that frequently negates accessibility for older adults. In addition, the legal requirement to inform the consumer about product contents has resulted In a preponderance of type on packaging surfaces making packaging literature inaccessible from a legibility standpoint.

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