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Module3: Making PowerPoint Slides Accessible

Module 3 contains twenty-five webpages. All webpages are not required to be completed; you may start and stop at any point.

Estimated Time to Complete Module: 4 hours


Upon completion of Module 3, you will be able to:


For many years, PowerPoint has been used to help convey business presentations. More and more educators are using PowerPoint when presenting lecture material to students; in fact, PowerPoint presentations have become ubiquitous in distance education. Many informational and interactive kiosks also use PowerPoint as the primary interface.

Module 3 identifies the accessibility issues associated with the various methods used to put PowerPoint presentations online and demonstrates techniques for making commonly used elements in PowerPoint presentations accessible for all users.

Prerequisite Knowledge

To gain the most from Module 3, you should have familiarity with:

The next page presents information on software requirements and lab files, that are needed for Module 3.

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