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Module7: Making Excel Documents Accessible

Estimated Time to Complete: 4 hours

Module 7 has nine topics. All topics are not required to be completed; you may start and stop at any point.


Upon completion of Module 7, you will be able to:


For several years, you may have been using Microsoft Excel to generate documents such as course schedules, calendars, and grade books. With the technology available to students today, it is important and desirable to make these materials available on the Internet, not only in online classes, but as supplements for traditional "face-to-face" classes as well.

All versions of Excel since Excel 2000 have the capability to "Save as Web Page." The web pages Excel generates have a lot of code which can increase download time and is not always accessible to students using assistive technologies. In this module, you will look at these accessibility issues as well as the steps needed to make your Excel documents more accessible to everyone.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

To gain the most from Module 7, you should have familiarity with:

The next page presents version information for software and the various files that are used in Module 7.

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