Accessibility: Making Your Web Site Usable for All

Date: October 20, 2011

Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Location: Online

Fee: $425.00

Learn the value and purpose of accessible design for websites. Discover how websites can be accessible while remaining attractive and usable. Know the legal and business reasons for creating accessible sites. Gain a full understanding of the most important standards and guidelines that determine accessibility. Learn to assess and validate site accessibility and find the proper balance between functionality and accessibility. Learn the most important techniques to ensure accessibility and enhance site usability.

What Is Covered

Learn to:

* Design Web pages to accommodate assistive technologies
* Evaluate how various disabilities should impact Web design
* Make the case for accessibility as a normal extension of usability
* Decide how far to go with accessibility and choose the proper guidelines
* Separate content from design
* Create a Web site with Section 508 standards or W3C WCAG guidelines
* Construct sites usable in alternative browsers, such as voice-output
* Design for non-HTML elements, such as PDF, audio, video, and Microsoft Office files
* Use appropriate color and contrast
* Validate and assess sites on accessibility
* Design to accommodate the latest Web features, such as blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and podcasts

For More Information Contact

Chris Langston
CATEA, College of Architecture