Jon Sanford and Industrial Design students attend ASSETS 2012 in Colorado

By | Posted December 31, 1969

Boulder, Colorado

ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computing and Accessibility (ASSETS 2012)

Tina Lee, Xiao Xiong, Elaine Yilin, and Jon Sanford attended the 14th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computing and Accessibility (ASSETS 2012), Boulder, Colorado, 22-24th October.

EZ Ballot with Multimodal Inputs and Outputs

Tina, Xiao, and Elaine demonstrated and presented a multimodal ballot prototype called “EZ Ballot,” which provides multimodal inputs and outputs to accommodate diverse voters including those with visual, cognitive, and dexterity impairments. The linear layout of the EZ ballot structure fundamentally re-conceptualizes ballot design to provide the same simple and intuitive voting experience for all voters, regardless of ability or input/output (I/O) device used. Three students are currently conducting a formative study to identify the usability issues.

Gesture Interface Magnifiers for Low-Vision Users

Tina presented her previous work that compared different types of magnification and navigation methods on low-vision handheld magnifiers to determine the feasibility of a touch screen gesture interface. The results show that gestures were faster and more preferred than the indirect input methods for pushing a button or rotating a knob. The study suggests that the use of gestures may afford an alternative and more natural magnification and navigation method for a new user-centric low vision magnifier.